The holiday season is the time for a new start. You can get rid of all the stress and fatigue which you have accumulated during the entire year with the Therapie body care products. The luxury creations of the famous aromatherapy specialist Michelle Roques-O’Neil are based on potent essential oils and offer complete relaxation and rejuvenation in a natural and pampering way. You deserve this kind of gift for Christmas. It will give you more energy and boost your holiday mood further.

Bath and Shower Therapy

You can begin your revitalizing treatment with the Therapie Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence. With just one cup of it into the bath tub filled with warm water or placed under running water, you will feel like a newborn. It has fragonia oil to ease anxiety and rose oil to take your blues away. The lavender oil has a potent calming effect. It will relax both the mind and the body. The sandalwood, jasmine and wild sweet orange will give you an energy boost and increase your mental alertness.

The Joie Bath Infusion of the brand is a powder aromatherapy treatment which can be infused in a bath or sprinkled under the shower. It will certainly bring a lot of joy into your life and boost your Christmas mood thanks to the unique blend of essential oils which it offers. Frankincense provides deep relaxation while cedar wood soothes the nerves. The jasper crystal powder helps to restore your energy and your inner balance. Buttermilk and French pink clay provide deep cleansing, detoxification and purification.

With the Therapie Boost Hair & Body Wash uses spearmint, geranium, fragonia, rosemary, basil and grapefruit to restore the softness, smoothness, suppleness and vitality of your skin. It has a great hydrating, toning and balancing effect. It works wonders for the body and the scalp.


The Therapie Cherish Skin Repair Serum works to repair skin damage at cellular level and to provide deep hydration and nourishment. It is packed with potent ingredients like rice bran, argan oil, red raspberry seed, sea buckthorn and arctic blackcurrant.

The Restore Aura Spray of the brand is sprtiz which works to alleviate fatigue, stress and tension. It has a revitalizing and reenergizing effect thanks to the reiki, rose, frankincense, lemon and rose quartz in its formula.

The brand’s Himalayan Detox Salts have a calming, stress fighting and restorative effect. They help to improve the functioning of all the systems in the body. They have a comprehensive effect thanks to the minerals which they contain and to their botanical ingredients as well.

All of these Therapie products make excellent Christmas gifts and so does the band’s Starter Kit.

While a lot of people treat a little extra sweat as a natural occurrence, there are other people who experience excessive sweat as a part of their lifestyle.

These people end up sweating a lot when they feel emotions that make the body react with sweating, such as nervousness and anxiety. They also sweat a lot when the climate gets much more milder during the year—and even when it gets colder. Simply put, a lot of these people have difficulties managing their excessive sweat to the point that they’re at a crossroads when choosing their best course of action.

Their best course of action, of course, should be looking into treatment options.

Perhaps one of the best medications used to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is known as anhydrol forte. This ‘miracle’ sweat stopper prevents people from having excessive sweat on a constant basis. While we can convince you why anhydrol forte just works as a strong antiperspirant, you can read more at this source about this great medication.

In our short article, we’ll be talking about the technical details about anhydrol forte, so you can know how to use the medication.

The most effective antiperspirant?

You can easily apply anhydrol forte as a ‘regular’ antiperspirant on a daily basis. Before using this medication, you do need to shave your underarms to keep the clean before application.

Keep your clean shaven underarms washed clean and dried before applying any antiperspirant with anhydrol forte. You shouldn’t apply it before you bathe either. Keep this medication away from your face and avoid applying it to broken or irritated skin underneath your arms.

You can use anhydrol forte antiperspirants by applying to your underarms or any other appropriate areas at night and even right before you go to bed. Make sure you thoroughly wash off the antiperspirant in the morning.

Use anhydrol forte for two nights at a time, taking breaks the following two nights. This alternating two-night cycle allows the skin underneath your arms to adjust itself accordingly to the level of anhydrol forte it’s being exposed to every night.

You might experience some side effective like redness and/or irritation. If you find yourself experiencing more than just minor irritation, stop using anhydrol forte immediately.

To apply anhydrol forte antiperspirant, you only need to shake the bottle a few times before unscrewing its accompanying cap. Apply the medication to the affected site, usually your underarms. Always wash your hands after every application of anhydrol forte.

Tips To Beat Acne

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If you are reading this article then you don’t need me to tell you the debilitating effects that acne can have on you. When you’re a teenager and your skin erupts at unexpected times it feels like you have no luck in the world and want to lock yourself away so no one can see you and it is the same for adults who get acne breakouts too…just when you thought you were out of the teenage hormonal phase they strike!

Acne treatment is available from a variety of sources and there are plenty of products that can work to clear your skin up, especially if you combine them. Instead of looking into products we are going to take a look at some of the best things you can do in your daily routine to help your skin. So here are our tips to beating acne:

It might be hard to resist the urge but it is very important not to touch or pick at spots! This way you will avoid further irritating and inflaming your skin and also avoid doing any long-term damage to your skin. This isn’t really mentioned often but also picking a spot before it has developed and unsuccessfully can be quite a demoralising experience and you are left with a bigger issue than in the first place.

Water is an acne sufferer’s best friend! For a long time I wished my parents had instilled the importance of drinking plenty of water, not only for better skin but also for general health and looking after your body. Drinking water prevents the skin from dehydrating and prevents pores from blocking and causing spots. It is commonly known that we should aim to drink around 2 litres of water a day.

Another tip I wish my parents had been a little firmer with is a healthier diet, yes I ate relatively well but the sweets to fruit ratio was pretty skewed on the sweet front. There is a lot of mixed feeling as to how much diet affects acne but a healthy diet will no doubt benefit the skin.

Our final tip and one that is pretty relevant to a lot of younger acne sufferers is to keep your hair off your skin. Constantly touching your hair then your face can aggravate acne and cause you to rub grease into your skin. I used to get spots across my forehead and for a long time used my fringe to hide them but if anything they just worsened the spots.

Try and be careful and healthy and you should see improvements in your skin with these tips.

Did you know that both women and men can develop yeast infections? In women, a yeast infection most often presents itself as vaginal thrush while in men it presents itself, aptly, as a penal thrush. Whichever gender you happen to be, you’ll want to know how to promptly treat a thrush should one ever appear. A yeast infection is not a serious condition though it can cause you significant discomfort.

What does thrush feel like?

A woman who is experiencing a vaginal thrush will likely have an inflamed vagina that feels sensitive to touch, and experience a noticeable whitish discharge. A man who is experiencing a penal thrush will notice that his penis is red and sensitive and may have a white discharge emerge from it.

What form does Canesten take?

The fortunate news is that your vaginal or penal thrush can be treated quite easily. Canesten is an pill that you take orally, with a pleasantly cool glass of water. You need not worry about applying ointments and creams to the affected area; the infection can be treated internally.

How does it work?

Canesten has an ingredient called fluconazole that works as an antifungal agent; a yeast infection is a fungal infection. Fluconazole attacks the fungi at the cell level, stopping it from creating ergosterol, a substance that the fungi cell needs to survive. You should find that it is an efficient treatment for a yeast infection, wiping it out in an effective and timely manner.

Should I diagnose my thrush myself?

If you have has a yeast infection before, you will be able to identify it and can buy this product to treat it without consulting with your doctor. You should know, however, that there are STDs that present with symptoms that are similar to those of a yeast infection. If you are sexually active with multiple partners, you should head off to see your doctor, as a preventative measure.

If you have treated your yeast infection with this medication for a week with no result, you should consult a doctor. It may be that you have misdiagnosed your problem or that you need some help in ridding yourself of an atypical yeast infection that has settled in for whatever reason. You should also know that this medication is ineffective in the treatment of oral thrush.

Where can I buy Canesten?

You can buy this product at a drug shop; it is a common over-the-counter medication.

Life’s No Sweat with Anhydrol Forte

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The underarm stains. The odor. The constant feeling of wetness. When you’re sweating, it feels like it’s happening all over your body. Worse yet, everyone seems to notice. Or at least it seems as if they do. Excessive sweating isn’t your fault. You shouldn’t have to be punished by enduring the moisture and uncomfortability it causes.

You don’t have to. Anhydrol Forte is an odorless, roll-on medication that can safely be applied to armpits, hands or feet. This isn’t your average antiperspirant. It contains advanced ingredients to not only help control sweating but stop it at its source. It also kills the bacteria that produce body odor, giving you dual control.

Works at the the Source of Sweat

The active ingredient is aluminium chloride hexahydrate, a treatment that when applied helps control excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. The medication absorbs into the body and alters the body’s sweat glands, blocking the sweat they produce. No more dampness, only happiness.

Imagine, no more bringing extra shirts to work or buying undershirts to try to combat sweat. Anhydrol Forte gives you the confidence to roll up your sleeves and proudly raise your arms without the worry of an embarrassing sweat stain or a uncomfortable body odor. Those outdoor activities that you put off for fear of all that sweat are now yours to enjoy with your family and friends unburdened by the worry of where the wetness will show up next.

Relieve Sweaty Hands and Feet

Since it is also safe for use on hands and feet, you can shake hands with a fellow businessman or woman and not worry that your hands will be clammy. And you can take off your shoes without being concerned about any smell. You will stay dry all over.

Unlike deodorant that is typically put on in the morning, this medication should be applied to dry skin before going to bed and then washed off in the morning. It’s important the area of treatment remain as dry as possible because sweat glands are much less active at night. After application, the medication goes to work blocking the body’s sweat glands. Once you wake up and wash off the area, the medication has already done its job to inhibit sweat for the rest of your day.

You’re not to blame for your excessive sweating. Now, you can do something about it. By employing a medication that blocks sweat and eliminates odor-causing bacteria, you can take control of your life again.

– BL

Get Clear Skin Fast With Clearasil

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Clearasil has long been one of the favorite drugstore products on the market to help combat zits and pimples. The awesome thing about Clearasil is it dries the pimple out without drying out the skin around the zit. Do your best to contain application only to the pimple itself to prevent flaking around the skin with any zit product. This becomes less of a worry when using Clearasil.

Clearasil uses salicylic acid to dry pimples and zits out. You can also apply Clearasil to a budding pimple and it can prevent the zit from becoming a full-on flared-up mess that detracts from your natural beauty. Clearasil is available at drugstores at an affordable price point, which is why so many people can testify to how well the formula works. It has been a favorite for teens for decades, but now those teens are grown up and often continue to use Clearasil if they battle with adult acne.

Keep in mind Clearasil is not intended to treat severe acne. Clearasil  should be used as a spot treatment for acne flare-ups. For moderate to severe acne, a person should visit a dermatologist to try and determine the reason for the acne. Most of the time it is genetics, but a person can outgrow the acne phase over time. Other times, a different formula or more potent products can be prescribed to subdue acne and a product like Clearasil can be used between medication to keep skin clear.

Speak to a dermatologist for severe acne. For all other simple zit issues, an application of Clearasil should be enough to keep pimples under control. If you find you do not have any zits, but what to prevent them, try applying a thin layer of Clearasil to the area you usually see zits pop up. This is especially useful for women when they are battling PMS.

Season-round Skin Care for Women in the UK

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They say seasons come and go and should skin care in the United Kingdom. The UK goes through the four seasons – “winter, spring, summer, or fall” as the song goes. Each season brings different skin problems as the temperature changes. So, one should know how to take care of her skin once the season changes.

First off, it’s the cold season. It is around this time that the skin gets unusually drier and paler. As a result of the changes in the patterns of our environment, our metabolism changes and so create a change in our skin.

It is fall season in the UK now and here are some tips to remember to maintain that healthy glowing skin. You can focus on exfoliating your body more often that you usually do or you can opt to use facial mask more often. You may also want to change your daily cleanser from that gel or foaming water-soluble form to something that has more lotion or with a creamy texture. Don’t forget the emolliating moisturizer with antioxidants for the extra hydration. For that exceptionally cracking dry type, use lotions that have salicylic acid. For those inevitable chapped skin, use a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and a lip exfoliant to rub off the dead skin to maintain smooth and soft lips.

Winter is not that different from fall. However, we should consider adjusting our diet to accommodate the needs of your skin. What usually causes that dry, flaky, and itchy skin is the lack of vitamins in our body. Best way to make up for the lack is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You should also consume oily fish since it has the essential fatty acids.

In choosing your skin care products for the cold seasons, make sure you stay away from harsh chemicals as they could lead to dry and flaky complexion. Although alcohol keeps us sanitized, it’s best to stay away from it during the season because it also strips away the natural oils of our complexion. One more thing, it’s very tempting to take that hot shower during the cold weather, but we should avoid this because it takes away the protective lipids causing more dryness.

Shifting on to the drier seasons, we talk about summer and spring. It is during these seasons that the increase in temperature melts oil into our pores, clogging it and resulting to a shinier face. Oil mixing with sweat makes you look greasy. During this phase, exfoliation should only be done once a week.

Spring season is the time for our body covering to get the protection and support it needs during the changeable weather. We get better circulation, thus our bodies seem to ‘wake up’. We should go for lighter textured type of cream focusing on lightening and brightening in time for the summer season. You can try anti-aging light acid peels for exfoliation to eliminate uneven complexion.

For summer, the best skin care is to always include SPF in your beauty regime because of the harmful sun rays. Without the SPF, exposing yourself to the sun gives you sun spots in the most exposed parts. So before putting on your foundation, rub on some SPF products for a well-guarded skin. Your cleanser should now be gel or foaming-based to make sure you get rid of stubborn oil. Using rich or creamy moisturizers, unless you really have a dry type, makes you sticky when you sweat so avoid it. Instead, use toners, gels or serums with antioxidant effects without the oil and emollients. As for touchups, you can use oil-blotting papers to absorb the excess oil and sweat off your face. Or just apply matte pressed powder to keep the shine free look.

Before buying any skin care product, make sure it is season-appropriate to blend right in all throughout the year.

We all know the woman I’m about to describe. She’s put together. She balances work, family, and friends like a master juggler. She has a fast-paced career. Whether for business or pleasure, she’s always on the move. She has your reservations set before you even know you’re meeting her for dinner and drinks. She’s always there. She’s always on time. And she never misses a beat.

In my case, this super woman is my best friend. Despite living three time zones away and working for a major social media site (that shall remain nameless, but you know what I’m talking about), she’s always the first call I get on my birthday. Right as the clock ticks over midnight and the date changes, my phone rings. Every time. Not only that, when I walk out to check the mail, I can always bet on finding a package with just the perfect little something waiting for me. And nine times out of ten, she’ll call me right as I’m opening it. It’s almost like she’s a secret agent, but for birthdays and Christmas.

Now cut to me. I’m no slouch. I keep a pretty full calendar of work and social events. When we find ourselves in the same city, my bestie and I make a pretty great duo. There’s just one thing… Whether she’s really on the NSA’s Gift Giver’s spy force or not, she’s just so much better at holidays than I am! I have to step it up!

Out-Foxing the Fox

I’ve already done the preliminary work. I set three alerts for her birthday on my phone, for six months, three months, and one month. I did it so I could remind myself to plan ahead, but guess what?… You got it; I didn’t plan ahead at all. All three of those alerts have passed. Her birthday is just three weeks away. What am I to do?

I spent some serious time on this last week. The lady loves nothing more than traveling and looking good on the go, so narrowing the list wasn’t too difficult. As of yesterday, I had it down to:

  1. An all-expenses paid trip to Thailand
  2. A puppy
  3. Ahava Best Wishes Gift Set
  4. Her very own mission to Mars

Just kidding; she hates dogs. The puppy would go over like a wet noodle on her. And I’m pretty sure FedEx would charge me a boatload to ship it. So, no puppy. And, yeah, you guessed it, I was joking about the mission to Mars, too.

That trip to Thailand would be perfect, but I did mention her birthday is in just a few weeks, right? We’ll have to save that for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. So, I guess my decision wasn’t that difficult, after all. It has to be the Ahava gift set. Because, really, when you work and travel as much as this lady does, you really have to find a way to treat yourself any way you can.

And! The last time she was in town, she stole my Ahava mineral body lotion. I was only a little mad. How angry can you be at someone who’s remembered your birthday every year for over a decade? As soon as I send this package out, she’ll have her own skin products, and mine should be safe the next time she’s in town.

Millions of American and British citizens suffer from irritable bowel disease, and struggle with the disease in more ways than one.  IBD can leave you with severe stomach cramps, pain that feels like a constant clawing and tearing at your innards, poor digestion, malnutrition, and a whole host of medical issues which are connected to or can spiral off from IBD.  For all of that, however, there is a certain inescapable “shame factor” which can plague those who live with IBD—there is perhaps nothing so intimate and personal as the inner workings of our bodies, and to not only have those processes show themselves to be problematic in a painful way but a an all-too-public way as well can be a difficult pill to swallow.  As such, there are a variety of treatments on the market which can help you and your fellow IBD sufferers deal with the condition while regaining the mobility and dignity which we all deserve. One such treatment which is currently gaining some good press and attention is Fybrogel Mebeverine,


            One of the more problematic (and potentially embarrassing) problems with IBD is that the consistency of your bowel movements aren’t always regular or healthy.  While this may seem trivial, the consistency of your bowel can indicate a variety of issues with your colon, small intestine, or other parts of your digestive tract.  As such, this new treatment works to relieve constipation by stimulating the walls of the bowel, resulting in muscle contractions and an increased sense of ease when passing bowel through your intestinal tract.  As a form of fibre, this supplement likewise contains Ispaghula which, as a “bulk-forming laxative,” can help ensure a formed, consistent and regular bowel movement.

Besides the obvious comfort factor which this kind of laxative can allow for, by enabling the walls of your bowel to work more naturally and stimulating muscle contractions in a natural rather than forced or strained way, the overall quality and consistency of the bowel may be improved.  Both the Ispaghula and Mebeverine work together to give a bowel movement which is formed, regular and overall healthier while reducing the amount of muscle tension and spasms which might otherwise accompany IBD.

There are many difficult medical and social effects which may affect you as a result of IBD, but thanks to Fybrogel Mebeverine, this is one which you can conquer, allowing you an increased level of comfort while maintaining a level of dignity which we all deserve.

Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

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Cetaphil provide dermatologically tested, clinically proven and highly therapeutic skin care products. One of the most popular products within this range are the Cetaphil Skin Facial cleansers which have been specially formulated to be amongst the most effective in the market. Cetaphil skin cleansers are clinically proven and effective on a wide range of skin types including dry, sensitive and compromised skin.

Cetaphil skin cleansers leave your skin feeling clean, gentle and healthy. Cetaphil skin cleansers are complete fragrance free and unlike many other cleansers they do not block ones pores. Blocking the pores can often cause more acne and build-up of bacteria. The range of cetaphil skin cleansers includes the following:

  • Facial cleansers
  • Moisturisers for face
  • Moisturisers for body
  • Moisturising lotion
  • Moisturising cream

One of the key features of cetaphil cleansers are their very gentle formulation which makes them suitable for all skin types-no matter how sensitive. Cetaphil cleansers are often recommended and used in conjunction with other treatments to treat common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and so on.

What makes cetaphil skin cleansers so effective is the fact that they only removed what your skin does not need-leaving all the essential oils and maintaining the natural PH balance. The problem with a lot of other cleansers is that they strip away too much from the skin and therefore leave it vulnerable and exposed to bacteria and other infections etc. Also they only achieve spreading the bacteria around the face which actually worsens the situation. Cetaphil allows one to cleanse without the need for soap or other harsh cleansers which cause damage to the skin.

Cetaphil is not associated with any irritation or unusual skin reactions. Cetaphil skin cleansers are recommended for the following:

  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Make up and removal
  • Application to the face and body
  • Relief from dry, itchy and sore skin

The big difference with cetaphil as compared to other cleansers is the fact that they only remove what your skin does not need. Cetaphil cleansers act on the skin to clean, moisturise and gently remove any unwanted substances from the skin while allowing all essential protective oils to remain-therefore not upsetting the natural balance of the skin. Cetaphil is a non-irritating formula and hugely popular.

How to use

Cetaphil cleansers are very easy to use and are simply just massaged gently into the skin with water. A dry soft towel can be used to rinse and then any excess cleanser can be removed with cotton wool.


Aqua/water, Cetyl alcohol, Propylene glycol, Bulylparben, Methylparben, Propylparben, Sodium lauryl, Sulfate, Stearyl alcohol.